# Welcome to cnvrg.io

cnvrg.io is a machine learning platform built by data scientists, for data scientists.

cnvrg.io helps teams to manage, build and automate machine learning from research to production.

Have additional questions? Email us at support@cnvrg.io

cnvrg MLOPS

  • Project Create a Project . add your codebase, or use a Blueprint.

  • Dataset Use Datasets to manage data with version-control for several different projects.

  • Collaborate Add teammates to collaborate on projects and datasets.

Within your project:

  • Build With Workspaces, build your code across disparate infrastructures using any tool.

  • Experiment Run and track Experiments in hyper speed with the freedom to use any compute environment, framework, programming language or tool - no configuration required. Use Papers to consolidate comparison across experiments.

  • Automate Automate your machine learning from research to production using reusable components and drag-and-drop interfaces with Flows. Add continual and active learning to your models and datasets with one click.

  • Deploy Using Serving, deploy models to production with a click of a button. Easily update your running serving to keep it up to date.

# Resource Management

  • With our Dashboard, get a complete overview of realtime allocation and resource utilization.

  • Customize Containers to be used in any type of job to fit your needs, by building or pulling docker images.

  • Configure Compute templates with requested requirements on any resource for flexible allocation of resources.


Admin permission is required in order to create containers and compute resources/templates. cnvrg.io offers a selection of pre-defined containers and compute templates.

Last Updated: 5/9/2023, 10:22:46 AM