# Release Notes

# v3.2.0

# v3.1.0

  • Human Validation: Tasks in flows can now optionally have approval required. These tasks will not run until approval is received.
  • Experiment Visualization update: Steps have been added to experiment visualizations, allowing you to chart multiple matrices and bar graphs over time in a single graph.
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations.

# v3.0.2

  • Flow YAML update: You can now add scheduling information in Flow YAMLs.
  • R Shiny update: You can now use custom docker images with R Shiny dashboards.
  • Email notification update: Support for emailing multiple people for experiment status notifications.
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations.

# v3.0.1

  • Stability improvements.
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations.

# v3.0.0

  • cnvrg CORE has been released: Deploy it for yourself to get started.
  • New workspace type: Visual Studio Code. You can now select Visual Studio Code as a workspace type.
  • Open MPI support: You can now run distributed jobs over multiple nodes using Open MPI.
  • Compute Resources overhaul:
    • The system to add a new Compute Resource (Kubernetes cluster or on-premise machine) has been refactored and streamlined.
    • Added Compute Heath Checks: cnvrg will automatically check your compute resource is online and update you to its status.
    • Added System Dashboard: Use the new built-in dashboard to monitor utilization with GPU, CPU, Memory, Temperature and more metrics.
    • Added other self monitoring dashboards: Use Grafana and Kibana to administrate connect Kubernetes clusters.
  • New deployment for cnvrg and cnvrg CORE: the process to deploy cnvrg has been made easier through the use of Helm 3.0.
  • Onboarding update: The onboarding for new users has been rebuilt for the personalization of your cnvrg experience.
  • Flows update: Flows now run as a DAG.
  • Python SDK updated: Support for new features and stability improvements (v0.1.9).
  • cnvrg CLI updated: Support for new features and stability improvements (v1.6.32).
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations.

# Pre-3.0.0

  • The container management page has been relocated. It is now a tab on the organizational level.
  • NFS support: You can now cache dataset commits to an external NFS disk and make commits available immediately with no cloning.
  • Job History update: Go to Compute > Jobs to see the new job history viewer.
  • Overhaul of Docker image/container management: You can now pull/build and use any custom docker image from any registry.
Last Updated: 5/12/2020, 8:34:47 AM