# Configure SMTP Integration

# Overview

# Requirements

  • kubectl and access to the Kubernetes cluster
  • SMTP server information

# Update cnvrg Operator

In order to integrate cnvrg with the organization SMTP server we will need to patch cnvrg Kubernetes operator. To achieve this, we will first create patch file named smtp-patch.yaml with the SMTP server info.

     server: smtp.example.com
     port: 587
     username: admin
     password: password
     domain: example.com
     opensslVerifyMode: none


  • server: The organization SMTP server, IP or FQDN.
  • port: SMTP server port number.
  • username: SMTP user to authenticate with. (Optional)
  • password: SMTP user Password. (Optional)
  • domain: The organiza SMTP domain.
  • opensslVerifyMode: openssl verify mode for cnvrg smtp client.

Once the file has the right SMTP information use kubectl patch command to merge the change with the cnvrg operator:

kubectl patch cnvrgapps.mlops.cnvrg.io/cnvrg-app --type=merge -p "$(cat smtp-patch.yaml)" -n cnvrg 

Expected output:

cnvrgapp.mlops.cnvrg.io/cnvrg-app patched

Verify the progress of the operator reconciliation process:

kubectl -n cnvrg get cnvrgapps.mlops.cnvrg.io/cnvrg-app 

Expected output:

NAME                                VERSION                 STATUS   MESSAGE
cnvrgapp.mlops.cnvrg.io/cnvrg-app   cnvrg/app:master-9873   READY    successfully reconciled, ready (100%)

# Conclusion

Congratulations, you have integrated cnvrg with your SMTP server, and you are now able to send invitations to your team members through the cnvrg web interface.

Last Updated: 11/15/2021, 12:57:11 PM